About Vessel Goods (The Short Version)


The first of many, this entry is designed to give you a glimpse into why Vessel Goods exists and how the company mission aims to make a difference.

Read further to catch the summary version of Vessel Goods' "About" section.

Founder, Seth Carswell, was pretty tired of the overwhelming lack of quality coming out of many companies that produce today's popular bags and wallets. Seth knew he could make a difference with something better. He began to seek out materials that were strong, sturdy, and stable. Materials that also have a long lifespan. With leather as the foundation for every piece, he believes quality materials, married with excellent craftsmanship, produce timeless goods.  

More fundamental to the existence of Vessel Goods is the legacy that each item can portray. Every good is constructed to take the legacy of its owner into the next generation. To pass on the bumps, bruises, scars, and spills and remind the recipient, with subtle hints, of a life well lived and a journey well conquered.

With time honored traditions, attention to detail, and a history of elegant design, Vessel Goods makes, and will always make an exceptional product. One built under a single roof, right here in Florida, USA. We're proud of where we came from and proud of where we will go.

Stay true, and do good.