Legacy is so important to us that each Vessel Goods bag comes with an identification number that marks the moment in time that it was crafted.

An archive of the skilled crafts-person that made it is further recorded and also archived here. 

The product model number is tastefully located on a leather patch on the bag's interior.

Patch sizes and shapes have varied throughout time and may not reflect the provided image. The identification number, however, is common. 

Bag ID Label_With ID markers.png



No. 01 Duffle 

No. 02 Travel Kit 

No. 103 Slim Wallet

No. 106 Billfold

No. 107 Executive Wallet

No. 108 Belt

No. 111 Slim Wallet XL

No. 202  Messenger

No. 204 Backpack





2015 - Craftsperson; Seth Carswell 

2016 - Craftsperson; Seth Carswell 

2017 - Craftsperson; Seth Carswell

2018 - Craftsperson; Seth Carswell

2019 - Craftsperson; Seth Carswell