Classic Design - Long Life span

Vessel Goods was created to provide heirloom quality goods made under one roof, completely, from start to finish. What comes in the door as flat material, leaves as a fully constructed bag with carefully crafted edges, classic forms, and a lifetime worth of durability.

Over 90% of our materials are American sourced with the vision to complete a US based supply chain in the near future. We believe that supporting an American economy is a responsibility; to give others the chance to press forward and fulfill a dream. A dream to forge a legacy that stretches far beyond his or her own reach. A legacy that is honorable, valiant, and courageous and that has God, family, and country embedded within its roots.

It’s this very legacy that we aim to preserve with our goods. The heirloom piece that is still carried because it was grandfather’s bag, and that wear spot on the handle is the very place that he touched every day of his life to go provide, care for, and strengthen his family. Like a cherished ball glove or leather jacket, our goods will age exquisitely to tell the story of you, of a well lived life, long after you’re gone. Be distinguished, carry Vessel Goods.











Seth Carswell, Designer & Leather Craftsman

In 2012, frustration with then product design, development, and trending consumer habits, Seth was internally forced into a journey of creating leather goods that could be classic in design yet durable in nature. He believes that design shouldn’t be fussy, nor should it contain elements that serve no purpose. This is why every Vessel Goods item will always be classically styled in order to remain timeless. After all, a generational piece shouldn't be limited to only the era when it was created. 

In 2015 Vessel Goods Leather Company was officially founded and to this date, Seth is still involved with the entire production process. Manufacturing quality leather items will always stay local, in one building, with a team of dedicated craftspeople who only want to make great products for the distinguished gentleman.