Classic Design

Long Lifespan

Throughout time vessels have been essential to the containment of valuable items. They ranged from simple and utilitarian to ornate and complicated. They all, however, have completed the task of holding something in an organized fashion. Vessel Goods Leather Company was created to provide heirloom quality goods with purposeful design and classic, long-lasting style. The quality of materials and workmanship make our handmade goods generational items that reflect the owner’s legacy long after they’re gone.

We believe that a man’s legacy points to the impact that he had in others lives and is worth remembering. Our aim is for each item we hand craft to act as the physical vessel and the subtle daily reminder of the past and offer hope for a better future. The malleable nature of leather creates a perfect canvas for everyday life to leave its mark, and over time, develop a picture of who carried the good.

Vessel Goods Leather Company will always craft timeless pieces that withstand fleeting fads and momentary trends. Quality craftsmanship is designed into each item for those who come after you. We want them to get a chance to add to your story and build on the legacy written.



Seth Carswell, Founder & Head Leather Craftsman


Founder, Seth Carswell, created Vessel Goods after years in product development left him craving to both craft items with his hands and make them so they outlast their owner. He designs and creates each original piece and refines them to offer something finished that meets rigorous standards of quality, craftsmanship, and durability. Each item is created by hand in Lake City, Florida by Seth and is marked with a traceable serial number. This number marks in time when it was made and the craftsperson who made it.

Seth is passionate about leather goods and hopes that he can have the privilege to craft something that will be a part of your legacy.

-From the team here at Vessel Goods, many blessings. 2 COR 4:7