No.02 Travel Kit - Brown CXL

No.02 Travel Kit - Brown CXL

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The No.02 Travel Kit was designed to make traveling a little more organized. The spacious interior is more than enough to pack all the necessities and then some of hers (but don’t tell her that. The ol’ “toothbrush hits the sink” rule also applies to luggage).


The case will arrive folded and flat but easily takes shape with some light encouragement. Some of what we’ve been able to fit inside includes: electric toothbrush (including hard case and charger), pomade, comb, safety razor, shave cream, toothpaste (full tube), and grooming kit with extra room to spare.


This leather is sourced from an American tannery and is hot stuffed during the tanning process to give it slightly water repelling properties. It is soft with a glove-like hand. Although the leather is soft, it is also tough and has been used in the boot making industry for these specific reasons. A buttery smooth zipper with polished brass teeth offers satisfying access to anything inside.

dimensions: 10”x5'‘X5”

*DISCLAIMER - This item has a few scars on the surface which in no way make the kit less strong or durable.

-The logo has a slight double-stamped impression and is a cosmetic defect only

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